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Void Era Band Studio Photo

Void Era is an alternative heavy rock/ blues  band formed in 2018 in Athens, Greece. The members are : Elia Tsara (Guitars and Vocals),  Kostas Tsaras (Drums) and John Levojohn (Bass Guitar).


Elia is also α member of the heavy rock band "The Burning Stone". Kostas and John are members of the post punk band "Head On".



Shortly after the creation of this new band it was time to compose and rehearse new material. And so it happened. The band started to compose and rehearse and soon after that a lot of new material was ready and then it was the right time to think about their first EP release .

In 2018, the band entered Soundway studios and recorded drums for five new pieces. 

The rest of the recording took place at Void Era's studio. On this first operation, the band collaborated with Gus Dibelas who was the sound engineer and the co-producer of this EP. He also appears as a musician in a couple of songs playing some keyboard parts.

All music was written by Void Era and the lyrics by Elia Tsara. The lyrics of Void Era talk about facing a starting point, realizing the time for change, feeling and waiting for the moment of decisiveness. It is a  node where obsession, grief and introspection interweave with the feeling of love, will power and expectation.

 The mixing and the mastering progress was done by Vaggelis Theodorakis. The logo of the name of the band was created by Kostis Chrisospathis and the cover artwork by the artist Blessend.


Now, the band is getting ready for live shows and  they are working on their new material.

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